Version: 0.1.2
"A Simple Image Cloud Storage GUI Uploader"
-- Created by Kevin T. Lee --

MIT Code Version


This is a simple cloud image uploader GUI tool. (Not only for the images in fact)

*Currently, only the Mac version of the application has been tested.


Release Notes

See K-pic Releases




Getting Started

The following instructions will guide you to employ the project and to run on your own system.


The following softwares you should installed before build the project.


Clone the project.

cd path-to-dir
git clone

Install the dependencies.

npm install
yarn install

yarn command is recommended as you could use yarn autoclean to reduce the size of the package.


Run the app with development mode.

npm run dev
yarn run dev

Build the project for cross-platform.

npm run build:all  # build for cross-platform
npm run build  # build for current platform
npm run build:win  # build for windows
npm run build:linux  # build for linux
npm run build:dir  # fast build a app in directory
# [npm] above can be replaced with [yarn].

Release the app you build.

Before this operation, you should set the GitHub Token GH_TOKEN for getting access to your repository.

npm run build:rmac  # release mac version app

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Copyright © 2018 Kevin T. Lee. All rights reserved.

The project is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.